40th Birthday Invitation On Lucite

A 40th Birthday Invitation was created by Trish Caal of Embellishments
for a surprise 40th birthday to be held in Chicago in the midst of a cold, snowy winter.

This winter invitation included a custom monogram on top of the box and on the invitation. The custom 40th invitation was sent to each guest in an off white ultra suede box. The invitation was made of frosted Lucite reminiscent of a frozen martini vodka bar. The Lucite invitation was wrapped with a coordinating ice blue ribbon that sparkled to match the lightly dusted iridescent snowflakes.

A 40th Birthday Invitation that would make anyone want to weather the storm and come out to celebrate and give a birthday toast with a signature cocktail designed to match the tempo and theme!

A signature winter cocktail is a perfect match for this creative Lucite Invitation. The winter wonderland martini recipe is rimmed and garnished with Dress The Drink custom cocoa blend and edible silver, then accented with their chocolate Luscious Leaves swizzle stick embedded with edible silver.

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