Enchanted Forest Purple and Gold Invitation

When one of our Luxurious Wedding Invitation Designers was first asked to create the luxury invitations for a dinner party that would be inviting the top of the wedding industry, she knew it had to be unique in a big way. The theme was "Enchanted Forest" and the colors chosen were rich purples and a mixture of golds and greens. The designer wanted the invited guests to be wowed when they opened up their luxurious boxed invitations.

The process began by sketching out some ideas that included the initial concept and colors. The finish product as you can see is pretty close, selecting a boxed invitation that the guests can later use as a keepsake which included a real mirror on the top lid that was screen printed with the words, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, the time has come to celebrate fall." It was a great line and would immediately lead the reader to want to read further by hinting at our fairy tale theme. The actual invitation card was printed on a gold paper and die-cut into an apple shape that spoke of the Snow White character and was later repeated in the decor at the dinner party. The end result was a luxury invitation that was screen printed in deep eggplant forest patterns and boxed in a lovely box that made an amazing intro to this great event.

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