Bejeweled Roaring 20's Flapper Wedding Invitation

For a ravishing Roaring 20's Flapper theme wedding let there be feathers everywhere... beginning with a
Luxurious Wedding bejeweled and bespoke wedding invitation.
Attitude was the hallmark of the 1920's as women emerged from a restrictive social structure blossoming into a free spirited modern woman with the power of 'the vote' and a sense of true abandon. Dresses were short, morals were fleeting and wedding celebrations became less formal and more carefree. Brides eschewed traditions and began to insert their new found personal style into every area of their life.

Carciofi Design gives us a seductive and sensuous themed 1920's wedding invitation that makes the statement that feathers should not be just for the boa a true Flapper flings over her shoulder. In this Carciofi Design vintage wedding invitation the bold spirit of the Flapper Era is captured to perfection. A wide sparkling gossamer silver ribbon encircles the black silk invitation box. Feisty lush jet black feathers explode like fireworks from under a huge emerald cut Swarovski crystal. In keeping with the Roaring Twenties Flapper theme, the Carciofi Design Flapper wedding invitation uses the popular French stencil motif of the era against a background of ultra thick handmade cotton rag paper.

This Luxurious Wedding Invitation from Carciofi Design is available in any hue that suits your Flapper fancy and the Swarvoski crystal wedding invitation jewel can be ordered in an array of colors and shapes.

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